Ultratrex is the leading producer of Amphibious Excavator and Undercarriage, ranging from 5 to 40 tons. We specialize in designing and custom made the Amphibious Excavator and Undercarriage for all major brands of excavators.

Our manufacturing plant is up 80,000 square feet facility with the latest technology and machinery. Our products have delivered to more than 20 countries worldwide. Due to business expansion, we have set up a subsidiary company Vtrex Attachments Sdn. Bhd. to cater long reach arm and attachments business in the year 2013.


To continue improvement with exceed our customer requirement, we are working together with Maruma Technica, Japan, in designing and manufacturing Amphibious Undercarriages to cater for all major brands of excavators. We are the first amphibious manufacturing company in our region to be certified ISO 9001 : 2015 at the year 2018.


Ultratrex main business is shallow water dredging equipment. Due to the increasing demand of higher work productivity (higher volume & longer discharge distance) of Amphibious Excavator, we have cooperated with Bell Dredging Pump B.V., Netherlands on dredging equipment.


The conventional work method of Amphibious Excavator is using bucket, with the partnership of Bell Dredging Pump B.V., Netherlands, we will replace the conventional bucket with high performance hydraulic cutter suction dredging pump. With the above mentioned combination, this has helped our customers tremendously (In term of higher productivity & cost saving) depending on their project job site.


We pride ourselves in delivering high quality products & desirable solutions to our customers.









To be the leading solution provider of shallow water dredging equipment with continuous improvement and well maintenance backup services.


Ultratrex enables business partners to be more productive by providing customized solution and competitive equipments.


Long term service commitment. Functionality, efficiency, affordability & reliability.