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Crafting Excellence: Ultratrex's Quality Manufacturing, Expertise, and Comprehensive Support. We are leading producer in designing and custom-made high quality and versatile models of amphibious excavators for all major brands of excavators ranging from 5 to 50 tons.

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With extensive heavy equipment industry experience, Ultratrex creates diverse amphibious undercarriage models for major excavator brands, spanning 5 to 50 tons.

An Amphibious Excavator is specially designed to work in swampy, wet land and shallow water. Our well-designed Amphibious Undercarriages provides great mobility to work on soft terrains and swampy area.

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Our Sri Lanka customer share its their experience with the use of amphibious excavator made by Ultratrex Machinery Sdn Bhd. "Sumitomo Ultratrex At120 With 13m Long Reach.

+3000hrs done without any major repair on the undercarriage. The best Amphibious Undercarriage available in Sri Lanka." stated by our Sri Lanka customer.

Ultratrex Amphibious Undercarriage & Long reach Arm in Sri Lanka

Customer Feedback From Sri Lanka

07 Jun 2018

The client of the South Africa Hyacinth H2O project has shared their experience with the use of Ultratrex Machinery Sdn Bhd's aquatic weed harvester and amphibious excavator.

To watch the full video, visit YouTube channel.

Ultratrex Aquatic Weed Harvester - Success Stories from Hyacinth H2O Projects South Africa

Success Stories from Hyacinth H2O Projects South Africa

28 May 2018

Bovu Pumps is pleased to share its 2 years of experience with the use of amphibious excavators. We are very satisfied with the performance of the UltraTrex Amphibious Excavator Dredging machines as we have found them to be safe, user friendly, reliable and efficient in dredging of our dams.

UltraTrex Amphibious Excavator Dredging machines in South Africa

Customer Feedback From South Africa

18 Jan 2016

Finally what has been proven is that the application of on - amphibious excavator dredging pump is correct method 5 times lower in operating cost @3 times faster in progress. Thanks to all ones in uniforms of each organizations working at our hlaing river.

Ultratrex amphibious excavator dredging pump

Customer Feedback From Thet Lin

29 Mar 2015

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We’ve in search of remarkable and energetic candidates to join us to explore and discover better solutions for shallow water dredging. Share your knowledge and talent together with our diverse teams, whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional.

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