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About Ultratrex Machinery Sdn Bhd (UTX)

Leading the Industry with High-Performance Amphibious Excavators

Ultratrex Machinery Sdn Bhd (formerly known as BHELink Sdn. Bhd.) or commercially known as UTX is an identity of the leading producer of high performance and versatile range of amphibious excavators ranging from 5 to 40 tons. We are specialized in custom made and designing high quality amphibious undercarriages for various brands and models of excavators.

UTX Machinery has been perpetual in the shallow dredging business due to the organisation’s reliability and capacity to supply high quality and reasonably priced products.

We also guarantee high workmanship is maintained while producing the amphibious undercarriages.

Ultratrex Amphibious Excavator - Year 2020


  • Delivered more than 500 units of amphibious excavators worldwide.
Ultratrex Amphibious Excavator - Year 2019


  • New product development: Excavator mounted sectional barge, remote controlled amphibious excavator (collaboration between Bell Dredging Pump and Ultratrex), first stainless-steel amphibious undercarriage in the world.


  • New Ultratrex branch was established at Senai, Johor, Malaysia.
  • Launched first amphibious weed harvester.
  • Launched aquatic weed harvester during the CSR project together with Faculty of Environmental Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia. Successfully had completed it by preserving the eco system of lakes at Tanjung Tualang, Perak. Ultratrex also helped the local fishermen in gaining back their source of income.
Ultratrex Amphibious Excavator - Year 2017


  • Developed two types of weed harvesters, amphibious and aquatic.
Ultratrex Amphibious Excavator - Year 2016


  • First overseas subsidiary and joint venture with South Africa dealer, Bovu Pump.
Ultratrex Amphibious Excavator - Year 2015


  • Delivered first sectional barges and catamaran work boat to Singapore.
Ultratrex Amphibious Excavator - Year 2014


  • Developed and produced AT50, mini-sized amphibious undercarriage in Japan.
Ultratrex Amphibious Excavator - Year 2013


  • Company name been changed to Ultratrex Machinery Sdn. Bhd. (Ultratrex)
  • Bell Dredging Pump, Netherland appointed Ultratrex as the sole distributor of its products in Asia.
Ultratrex Amphibious Excavator - Year 2011


  • Collaborated with Maruma Technica Co. Ltd., Japan and produced AT400.
  • BHELINK Sdn. Bhd. is the first amphibious excavator manufacturer in South East Asia certified with ISO 9001 certification.
Ultratrex Amphibious Excavator - Year 2010


  • Appointed first overseas dealer, P.T. Ultratrex, Indonesia.
  • Participated first exhibition in Indonesia.
  • Exported first amphibious excavator AT200 to Indonesia.
Ultratrex Amphibious Excavator - Year 2008


  • BHELINK Sdn. Bhd. was established in Johor, Malaysia.
  • 80,000 square feet manufacturing plant.
  • Successfully delivered the first unit of an amphibious excavator, AT200 to a local customer.
Ultratrex Machinery was established in 2008 and currently our manufacturing plant is located in Johor Bahru.

Ultratrex’s Journey

Our business was established in 2008 and currently our manufacturing plant is located at Tebrau Industrial Area 3, in the metropolitan city of Johor Bahru.

Our manufacturing plant has three designated fabrication bays which had been equipped with the high tech equipment and machineries together with competent and well trained technical expertise and crew. Their commitment in working together to meet our customer’s demand enable our trusted client to accomplish their project in the most effective and efficient way.

Proud to say that, Ultratrex Machinery Sdn Bhd is the first amphibious manufacturing company in the region that had successfully obtained ISO 9001 certification in 2011. We always believe that our clients are our valuable asset so we ensured that UTX Machinery complied with the company’s system and customers’ requirements are being met.

Meanwhile, in 2016 Ultratrex Machinery Sdn Bhd successfully been certified for integrated management system of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

What We Are Proud Of...

High-Quality Amphibious Undercarriages

Our main and sole focus has and will always be – to manufacture high quality amphibious undercarriages, which we had and shall continue our fabrication to meet and exceed user’s expectations. Our records show that 90% of all orders we received for amphibious undercarriages are completed within the promised timeline. Our products have been delivered world widely to more than 20 countries.

Modular Design and Cost Efficiency

UTX’s excavators are designed to be fully functional, modular, stable, and cost effective. Each modular part can be detached and shipped out to different destinations countless of the distance with minimum costs. We can assured that our clients will have the confidence in buying a machine that gives maximum uptime and lowest operating cost in any environment.

Ultratrex Amphibious Excavator - Safety and Special Features

Safety and Special Features

Safety!!! Yes, we fabricate varieties of amphibious undercarriages with added safety feature. Besides the safety features, we provide site installation, testing, commissioning and training to all our first time customers.

UTX amphibious excavators are specially built to withstand the harshest of environments. Extreme terrains like swamp land and water logged river basins will not bogged down your excavator. Tested with built-in features in mind and the ability of advance designed pontoons to ensure effective flotation, our range of amphibious excavators can endure any repeated environmental abuses you can just throw at it.

At UTX, customers are given priority in requesting special built machine to suit their necessity in order to overcome the environmental conditions at their site and we’ll go out of its way to custom build the said machinery for you!

Ultratrex Machinery - UTX

Ultratrex’s Successes

Market Position and Collaboration

As we had sustained a potential position in the market and gained our respective customer’s trust, thus we had moved further on to build mutual co-operation with a well-known dredging producer, Bell Dredging Pump B.V. in Netherlands.

Collaboration Motivation

The high demand in shallow water dredging equipment (higher volume & longer discharge distance) of amphibious excavator had encouraged us for this collaboration.

Introduction of New Venture

Regarding our latest venture: In collaboration with Bell Dredging Pump B.V. in the Netherlands, we're replacing the traditional bucket on the amphibious excavator with a high-performance hydraulic cutter suction dredging pump-equipped amphibious dredger.

Benefits to Customers

This amphibious dredger effectively tackles river sand mining, pond clearing, and shallow water dredging, significantly boosting customer productivity and cost savings at project sites.

Our Vision, Mission & Value



To be the leading solution provider of shallow water dredging equipment with continuous improvement and well maintenance backup services.



Ultratrex enables business partners to be more productive by providing customized solution and competitive equipment in shallow water dredging area.



Customers to be assured with functionally designated, efficiency enhanced, affordability price and reliability assured of the quality of our products.

Our Commitments

Proven consistent quality products

Ultratrex manufactured by using the quality components, experienced labor, modern CNC machine tooling and robotic welding equipment.

After sales services

Technical training, testing and commissioning shall be conducted by our engineer with wide years of experience. Spare parts of all components are available and able to supply for our customers.

Customer feedback and site survey

Annual inspection carried out to gather feedback from our valuable customers for continuous development of our products.

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