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Ultratrex aquatic weed harvester is an environmental friendly machine that control excessive aquatic plants growth and cleans up floating solid wastes.

These heavy duties weed harvesters are highly effective to manage emergent and floating plants.

Varieties of models are available for your solution depending on the types of your weeds, size of your lake, percentage of weeds you would like to remove, and how quickly you would like to harvest them.

Model Range


Powered by Perkins Technology Engine Up to 1,800RPM


Aquatic Weed Harvester

High Quality Conveyor Chain

Ultratrex select the latest engineering design in flatter pickets with better nesting between the picket and the rod. This reduces belt elongation, improves tracking, and contributes to longer belt life.

Fully clinched edges provide a superior edge finish that prevents the belt from necking down or hanging up on the side conveyor.

Simulated Stress On Flat Wire Pickets From A Sprocket Tooth Exuding 500 LBS. Of Force

Ultratrex pickets engage with the sprocket directly in the center. This helps maintain picket shape and strength, contributing to longer belt life.

Standard flat wire pickets often engage with the sprocket slightly off-center. This can deform the picket and negatively affect belt life.

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